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You say "you lot" as if I'm part of a minority, day trading...

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    You say "you lot" as if I'm part of a minority, day trading this stock to the detriment of the company. I've held for a long time and haven't sold... yet. Well within my right to question your one track minded agenda. It's not slagging off the company. It's slagging off the process of Capital Raise-Big Promises-Income for Directors-Repeat.

    It's very concerning that you're not concerned. Truth is, "my lot" will prevail because we are on the side of business ethics. Change management and this product becomes trustworthy and red hot for major investment and partnership with any number of State Governments.

    Also it doesn't take a genuine gentrified genius to know it's spelt guinness and not genious. Now we are done! Fingers crossed you've learnt a scrap of evidence that contradicts your view. Stay simple
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