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Ann: Haggan Vanadium Project Update, page-3

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    There are various takes on this announcement:
    -perhaps a JV partner will help AEE forward the project without the seperate listing?
    -"other events" preceeding the Haggan are no doubt the Tiris study...(or perhaps even the permits we have been waiting for too long????).
    - while the Vanadium price is skyrocketing,it will probably pull- back so the extraction results are excellent as the ore body will have to deliver good financials with lower V prices.

    AEE is underplaying its hand to some extent.Would like to see some spin doctoring so that when we need more capital,it is off a higher SP.Its called high-stakes poker.We have a great hand but pretending we don't know it.Few are wanting to put their bets on this bashful bride.....a mix of metaphors but just trying to get the point across.
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