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Ann: GENERAL: TUR: A new look for the Turners & Growers brand

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    • Release Date: 24/09/14 14:40
    • Summary: GENERAL: TUR: A new look for the Turners & Growers brand
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    24/09/2014 14:40
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    GENERAL: TUR: A new look for the Turners & Growers brand
    24 September 2014
    A new look for the Turners & Growers brand
    Turners & Growers, the global grower, distributor and exporter of fresh
    produce, has today launched a refreshed corporate brand that signals a
    positive change and reflects the new direction of the company.
    With 117 years of history, the company took careful consideration ensuring
    the heritage was retained, while acknowledging the growth of the business
    outside of New Zealand, and the new strategies for the future.
    "In the past eight months we have created a new Purpose, new Mission, new
    Strategies, and new company Mindset (Values) - all with the help of our own
    people. By refreshing our brand we bring together all of that work under a
    strong new banner to unify our entire business," says T&G Chief Executive
    Alastair Hulbert.
    Global Marketing Manager Rosstan Mazey has been the driving force behind the
    corporate rebrand and sees it as an opportunity to simplify the business
    while strengthening the company's position in the industry.
    One significant but simple change is the move away from the full name
    'Turners & Growers' for the subsidiaries and business units, to the shortened
    initials 'T&G'.
    "T&G is the term we use every day throughout our business and what many of
    our growers and customers use as well, so it makes sense to change the brand
    to the shortened form. We have a long history in the industry which we are
    very proud of so we didn't want to completely change our brand - but are also
    focused on the next 100 years," says Global Marketing Manager Rosstan Mazey.
    "We have retained the importance of the 'ampersand' symbol that signifies the
    strong relationships we have within the industry, the koru style gives a nod
    to our New Zealand roots and the leaf signals our fresh produce business and
    growth aspirations."
    With over 30 companies and brands within the T&G Group, the refresh is an
    opportunity to simplify the business and move closer to one organisation. The
    new T&G brand name will be incorporated across the majority of divisions
    including ENZA (in New Zealand) which will become T&G Pipfruit and Status
    Produce (tomatoes) will become T&G Covered Crops.
    The refresh will take approximately six to nine months and will roll-out
    across 30 sites involving signage, vehicles, uniforms, websites and other
    areas where the brand has a strong presence.
    "It's a great time to be part of T&G. Our people are excited and these
    changes will build a strong unified team and brand that will take us into the
    future," says Mr Mazey.
    Media queries:
    Kylie Horomia, Media Liaison and Corporate Communications Manager
    (E) [email protected]
     (+64) 9 573 4750 or (+64) 21 563 531
    WEBSITE: www.turnersandgrowers.com
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