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Ann: GENERAL: TTK: TeamTalk / Ambulance Deal Runs Until 2020

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    • Release Date: 03/02/15 09:40
    • Summary: GENERAL: TTK: TeamTalk / Ambulance Deal Runs Until 2020
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    03/02/2015 09:40
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    GENERAL: TTK: TeamTalk / Ambulance Deal Runs Until 2020
    Media release
    For immediate release
    3rd February 2015
    Ambulance/TeamTalk deal runs until 2020
    New Zealand's leading provider of mobile radio services has signed an
    agreement with Ambulance New Zealand and St John Ambulance to provide network
    services until at least 2020.
    "This is a continuation and expansion of the nationwide radio network
    services that Team Talk has provided to St John Ambulance and the Wellington
    Free Ambulance Service for many years" says TeamTalk Managing Director David
    There will be new coverage extensions coming with at least nine new
    transmission sites.
    Mr David Waters, Chief Executive of Ambulance NZ, says given the long-term
    relationship and reliable service provided by TeamTalk over so many years he
    was confident extending the term another five years with greater coverage.
    "We're delighted to have such an important organisation review and renew its
    contract.  TeamTalk prides itself on providing dependable services for
    critical business communications.  We're looking forward to working with
    Ambulance NZ, St John and Wellington Free Ambulance as we expand the services
    and support they receive" TeamTalk's Mr. Ware says.
    St John Ambulance CIO, Martin Catterall, says that he looks forward to
    working even more closely with TeamTalk as St John and its patients will
    benefit from the wider coverage.
    "New Zealanders all over the country trust St John and we're always looking
    to enhance and improve our services" Mr. Catterall says.
    TeamTalk Wireless is an operating division of NZX listed telco TeamTalk which
    also operates the CityLink, Farmside and Araneo communications businesses.
    For more information please contact
    David Ware, TeamTalk
    0800 101-900
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