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Ann: GENERAL: SLI: Notification of Issue of Additional Unlisted Options

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    • Release Date: 03/02/15 16:31
    • Summary: GENERAL: SLI: Notification of Issue of Additional Unlisted Options
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    03/02/2015 16:31
    REL: 1631 HRS SLI Systems Limited
    GENERAL: SLI: Notification of Issue of Additional Unlisted Options
    03 February 2015
    Client Market Services
    NZX Limited
    By NZ MAP
    For the purposes of Listing Rule 7.12.1, SLI Systems Limited (SLI) advises
    the following unlisted options have been issued to employees of SLI or its
    a Class of security Unlisted options
     ISIN N/A
    b Number issued 55,200 (marked with * in the attached appendix)
    c Nominal value N/A
     Issue Price Exercise price is as set out in the appendix
    d Payment terms Full payment on exercise
    e Amount paid up N/A
    f Principal terms of security The options are exercisable to the
    extent of 1/4 of the options from the one year anniversary after the
    effective date of grant (the first vesting date), then an additional 1/36th
    of the remaining balance on a monthly basis, so that the options are fully
    exercisable on the fourth anniversary of the date of issue.
    The options are no longer exercisable on the first to occur of (i) the 10th
    anniversary of the date of issue, (ii) the last date for exercising the
    option following termination of the option holder's service or (iii) its
    termination in connection with a change in control in the company.
    Otherwise the options have the same essential terms set out in section 8.4 of
    SLI's IPO Investment Statement dated 6 May 2013.
    g Percentage of class of securities 100% of the classes of
    additional unlisted options specified in the appendix
    h Reason for issue Further grant of options to attract, retain
    and reward employees and to motivate such individuals to contribute to the
    growth and profitability of SLI
    i Authority for issue Listing Rule 7.3.6
    j Terms of issue As summarised above
    k Number of securities in existence after issue 60,976,112 listed
    ordinary shares
    507,526 unlisted redeemable shares
    6,821,236 unlisted options in total, of the classes set out in the appendix
    l Treasury stock N/A
    Yours faithfully
    Rod Garrett
    Chief Financial Officer
    End CA:00260273 For:SLI    Type:GENERAL    Time:2015-02-03 16:31:15
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