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Ann: GENERAL: PGW: Winter Brassica Feeding Advisory

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    • Release Date: 12/09/14 17:03
    • Summary: GENERAL: PGW: Winter Brassica Feeding Advisory
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    12/09/2014 17:03
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    GENERAL: PGW: Winter Brassica Feeding Advisory
    Winter Brassica Feeding Advisory
    Southland farmers are being advised to keep a close watch on cows that have
    been grazing on swede crops in the Southland region after reports of illness,
    and in some cases death, on dairy farms.  As a major supplier, PGG Wrightson
    Seeds is working closely with the Southland farming community and other
    industry groups to gain a better understanding of the issue.
    PGG Wrightson Seeds has issued a press release today (copy attached) with
    recommendations for dairy farmers that may be experiencing issues.
    Further information:
    Mark Dewdney, Chief Executive Officer
    Ph 027 248 3151
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