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Ann: GENERAL: OIC: OIC Awarded Five Year Strategic commision in Saudi Arabia

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    • Release Date: 11/02/15 14:15
    • Summary: GENERAL: OIC: OIC Awarded Five Year Strategic commision in Saudi Arabia
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    11/02/2015 14:15
    REL: 1415 HRS Opus International Consultants Limited
    GENERAL: OIC: OIC Awarded Five Year Strategic commision in Saudi Arabia
    Opus International Consultants (Opus), in association with Al Joaib and
    Psomas, has been announced as the successful tenderer for a NZ$20m, five-year
    contract by the Royal Commission of Jubail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    The planning and technical services contract, for the asset management of
    Royal Commission facilities and properties in Jubail Industrial City and Ras
    Al-Khair Industrial City, will address long-term management of physical
    assets, resources and coordinated services. "This will improve performance,
    reduce costs and provide better management of the lifecycle of the
    infrastructure," said Hugh Morrison, Director of Business Development and
    With ongoing capital investment constraints in many markets, a holistic
    long-term approach to infrastructure asset management is in very high demand.
    "Opus is globally recognised for its expertise in infrastructure asset
    management and is the market leader in New Zealand," said Dr David Prentice,
    Opus Chief Executive.
    In 2014, Opus was successful in six out of the nine NZ Transport Agency new
    highway maintenance and operations contracts. Opus will support the delivery
    of efficient and effective state highways through smarter asset management
    and high quality outcomes for all road users. These long term performance
    based contracts are worth more than $35m in fees over the next seven years.
    With permanent operations in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom
    and the United States, Opus is strongly focussed on leveraging their asset
    management expertise in opportunities in the Middle East where it operates as
    part of a joint venture with Opus International (M) Berhad.
    "We are working in strategic partnerships across the Middle East and Asia and
    this initial contract with the Royal Commission is an early sign of success
    and a testament to the people we have working at Opus," said Mr Morrison.
    For further information and comment please contact:
    Opus International Consultants
    David Prentice, Opus Chief Executive and Managing Director
    Tel: +64 4 471 7022, +64 27 470 2686
    Email: [email protected]
    Hugh Morrison, Director, Business Development and Growth
    Tel +64 4 471 7217, +64 21 617 238
    Email: [email protected]
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