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Ann: GENERAL: NZXR: NZX publishes NXT Guidance Notes

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    • Release Date: 02/02/15 15:41
    • Summary: GENERAL: NZXR: NZX publishes NXT Guidance Notes
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    02/02/2015 15:41
    REL: 1541 HRS NZX Regulation
    GENERAL: NZXR: NZX publishes NXT Guidance Notes
    NZX today published the following guidance notes to assist companies and
    their advisors in the interpretation of NXT's Market Rules and, where
    applicable, the NZX Participant Rules:
    - Listing as a NXT company
    - Key Operating Milestones
    - NXT Disclosure Framework
    - Trading Halts & Suspensions
    - Migration to NZX Main Board
    - Eligibility to trade on NXT Market
    - NXT Advisors
    NXT is a new market built for small and mid-sized businesses, and differs
    from other markets operated by NZX.  In particular, NXT listed companies
    operate under a new disclosure regime and are required to appoint a NXT
    Advisor for a minimum period of three years, unless a shorter period is
    approved by NZX.
    NZX Head of Policy and Legal Robyn Dey commented: "The guidance notes intend
    to provide additional support to companies and their advisors as they
    familiarise themselves with a new set of obligations outlined in NXT's Market
    Rules and the NZX Participant Rules."
    The guidance notes are available at
    For companies considering a NXT listing or those interested in becoming a NXT
    Advisor, please contact NZX Head of Markets Aaron Jenkins on
    [email protected] or 09 309 3652.
    For further information please contact:
    Kate McLaughlin
    Corporate Communications
    M: 027 533 4529
    E: [email protected]
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