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Ann: GENERAL: NWF: Palmerston North City Council and consent application

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    • Release Date: 12/09/14 09:43
    • Summary: GENERAL: NWF: Palmerston North City Council and consent application
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    12/09/2014 09:43
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    GENERAL: NWF: Palmerston North City Council and consent application
    Response from Palmerston North City Council on consent application
    NZ Windfarms Limited (NWF) advises that the Palmerston North City Council
    (PNCC) has not accepted the company's application for changes in some
    conditions to the Land Use Consent for the Te Rere Hau wind farm.
    The application, submitted on 28 August 2014, sought changes under section
    127 of the Resource Management Act to clarify technical issues in regard to
    noise output from the wind farm.
    The company is reviewing this decision in association with its legal advisers
    and considering how it will respond.
    As previously advised, the company's wish is to bring these issues to a
    conclusion, and to do so in a way that meets the needs of all parties
    involved - the community, the Council and the company.
    Te Rere Hau is a 48.5 megawatt wind farm situated on the Tararua Ranges near
    Palmerston North. It operates 97 turbines on sites located in rows along a
    series of spurs radiating off the main Tararua ridgeline.
    NWF, the owner and operator of Te Rere Hau, is headquartered in Palmerston
    North and employs seventeen people in management, administration and
    technical roles.
    Te Rere Hau generated 122,556 megawatt hours of renewable electricity in its
    latest financial year, with revenue of $6.9 million, of which about 30
    percent is disbursed locally in wages and other operating costs.
    For further enquiries contact:
    Chris Sadler
    Chief Executive Officer
    Ph (021) 918 216
    [email protected]
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