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Ann: GENERAL: CRP: CRP Marine Consent application declined

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    • Summary: GENERAL: CRP: CRP Marine Consent application declined
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    11/02/2015 10:33
    REL: 1033 HRS Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited
    GENERAL: CRP: CRP Marine Consent application declined
    Media Release
    11 February 2015
    CRP marine consent decline means New Zealand is closed for business
    A decision by the Environmental Protection Authority to decline a marine
    consent application by Chatham Rock Phosphate is a seriously negative signal
    for New Zealand business, managing director Chris Castle said.
    "It will make it even harder, if not impossible for companies to attract
    capital for new projects in New Zealand.  As the second application of its
    kind there have been some improvements in the process and were able to learn
    a lot  and apply those lessons.  If we can't succeed having invested $33
    million over seven years, then obviously the government is not serious about
    economic development."
    "We had a strong level of agreement by scientific and other experts from both
    sides that the environmental effects were either limited or manageable."
    "Obviously we need to take a bit of time to digest what the decision means
    and what our next steps will be, the options being an appeal, resubmitting,
    or walking away."
    "To say we are bitterly disappointed is an understatement.  We are aghast.
    The entire government process, and the EPA in particular, seems afraid to say
    yes to any project that involves any kind of environmental impact and that is
    simply not good enough if we are to provide a future for our country's young
    Chris Castle +64 21 55 81 85 or [email protected]
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