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Ann: Gas and Oil Shows at Airacobra-1 , page-17

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    Hi Guys,

    Well what a nice surprise to come back to. Not only was Fury-1 a success but now Airacobra-1 also hits oil and gas. Two out of two doesnt get much better than that. All we need now is flow rates but best of all, talk about de-risking any future drilling in the area.

    The great news though is this is just the beginning. We still have flow rates to come (Aircobra-1 still drilling too), uranium results from Krygyzstan and talk of fast tracking another well to be either drilled at Fury or as an additional exploration well. Not bad at all guys.

    To top all that we also got CFE as a corner stone investor. Not bad for a spec stock with so much news still to come. I guess CFE knew what they were doing when they bought in. Feels like a re-rating might not be far away here but short term I agree 1c should be tested again.

    BTW as always though anything can happen so always DYOR but things seem to be falling into place. Good luck to holders.
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