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Ann: Further data supports potency of Cynata MSCs, page-50

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    You wrote:

    To give credit for what I consider (a) very interesting article/s, which I would have not seen otherwise.

    Thanks for the credit.

    Idon't think you ticked the post with the link to the interestingarticle/s - had you done that I would have known that that inparticular was what you in particular liked.

    Ifyou have adopted a policy of not ticking either my posts (perhaps because I don't tick) or postsgenerally even if you do actually like a post (I do have such apolicy - I never tick posts of anyone because I don't likealgorithmic tracking) then it would be helpful for me to know that.

    I think you and I have different approaches to using HotCopper and different frustrations with the forum.

    I like you and I like Bazsa. You more than him. But him too. And him more than some CYP posters. I don't want to beat up on people for ticks so so I'd prefer to keep discourse courteous (and its naturally more useful to focus on areas of disagreement than agreement because in courteous discourse someone learns something - I think I can occasionally help you by pointing out counterpoint more than by agreeing with you) but many on HotCopper seem to prefer things almost rude or mean.

    I've seen posts that contain nothing but attacks on another poster get ticks from holders in common. I don't like forum behavior like that and it makes no difference if its coming from people who happen to hold the same stock I hold and its done on people that don't.

    On the MSB forum I see posters who superficially seem like they may intensely dislike each other yet I can actually like both of them (though I won't tick) on opposite sides of an argument yet find neither side ultimately persuasive.

    If you don't tick posts of mine that you do like that is going to confuse me unless you say so at least once so that I understand your tick policy. It might be you may be the only person sometimes that I think might understand what I am saying on the CYP board - (particularly if my point is very very specific) if I don't see a tick I won't know if you even saw what I wrote so I'll probably assume that you did see it and didn't like it. Which would probably effect my likelihood of posting similar things again.
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