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@Angustotally respect your opinion - the way i see it is that...

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    totally respect your opinion - the way i see it is that the direction taken has led us to where we are at now, and the SP is the true indicator

    Agree that now is not time to invest money into JORC etc, as that should have been done a while back

    The vapproach taken may have been an attempt to expedite us to a production/mining phase but no one at this point can tell us hand on heart what the projections and economics are for this operation

    After so many years at the helm surely RM and his consultants could have goven us a clear position as to the viability of this venture?

    i have lost a sizeable chunk on this and am glad i sold most of my holdings at 19c. Lessons learnt but i wish all holders the best of luck and hope a miracle gets this up

    not likely IMHO
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