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Spot on but everyone also needs to read today's announcement in...

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    Spot on but everyone also needs to read today's announcement in conjunction with the HER-Vaxx Ph2 Interim Results.

    So, we know anti HER2 drugs (such as Herceptin) work and anti PD1 drugs (such as Keytruda) work.

    Although still in the early stages and on limited test subjects, we saw that an anti-HER2 drug/vaccine (HER-Vaxx) delivered using B cell technology delivered side effect free/non-toxic treatment with results that were so good that an ethics committee declared that it would be unethical to continue giving the control group SOC when a much better alternative was available. (Additionally, the trial is being run on the significantly harder to treat HER2+ gastric cancers in comparison to HER2+ breast cancer.)

    Today's announcement was that an anti PD-1 drug/vaccine delivered using the same B cell technology as HER-Vaxx was found to be safe with no dose-limiting toxicities at 50µg and in almost all the very limited number of test subjects, while used as a monotherapy, was found to demonstrate effectiveness by either shrinking or stabilising the tumours. Although still very early days in the clinic, the indications are that PD1-Vaxx is highly likely going to follow the early stage success of HER-Vaxx... and conversely, if PD1-Vaxx is effective as a monotherapy, it's likely HER-Vaxx will be effective as a monotherapy.

    So, while further evaluation needs to occur in the clinic with additional patients, for anyone that has been in IMU for 4-5+ years, we're now at a point where it is reasonable to say we are now seeing some success across multiple drugs on the B cell platform and clearly approaching a point where that will either be confirmed or otherwise and IMU may transition to being a company with drugs in the market.

    It will be awesome news if one day we see HER-Vaxx and PD1-Vaxx delivered through to the market but the bigger news might come from the possibility to convert other Monoclonal Antibody Therapies into B Cell Platform vaccines. The success we are starting to see with the first two drugs is likely to be indicative of what we may see if other monoclonal antibody (MABs) drugs were reproduced on the B Cell Platform. A quick google search identifies that cancer isn't the only disease that uses MABs and looking at the Wikipedia page for Monoclonal Antibody Therapy shows there are at least 82 drugs that could possibly be converted (I don't know if they can be converted but if they can do it for two of the drugs, why not 82?)

    Then add CF33 into the mix and if that's anywhere near as good as the pre-clinical work is suggesting, it has great potential to be a massive success in it's own right.

    Talk of a SP in the dollars, let alone the 10's of dollars is still very premature... but if everything continues progressing the way it is, it's entirely possible it will eventually be at those prices; although IMU may be a subsidiary of a BP when it's value hits that theoretical 10's of dollars in today's terms.

    I'll leave you with one final observation based on a quote from today's announcement:
    Principal Investigator Professor Gary Richardson from the Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne said, "I am excited to hear the Cohort Review Committee recommended opening the third and final dose cohort based on the outstanding safety and tolerability of PD1-Vaxx reviewed to date.”

    Whilst I never met Professor Richardson, it excites me greatly to read that he's excited and uses the terms "outstanding safety and tolerability" because make no mistake, despite the fact oncologists prescribe chemotherapy, quality of life is a massive consideration in cancer treatment.

    And for those that know what I'm talking about: maybe one day instead of hearing through the "curtain of silence", "there's nothing more I can do for you", one might hear "great news, you're suitable for one of the Imugene drugs, you're going to be given a side effect free treatment that will either shrink the tumours so small we can no longer see them &/or it'll keep your disease stable and hopefully you'll get to live another 40-50 years." and maybe even some: "Yes, that's correct, you won't need anti-nausea's and the accompanying withdrawal affects." and "No, you won't have any flu like or other symptoms from the treatment that last until the day before your next treatment." and "No, you will only need to come in every 3-6 months for a booster shot and maybe a blood test and some scans." Once upon a time, we could only dream of a day like that... but maybe in my lifetime, it will become a reality.
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