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I've been thinking about Crypto Currency lately, and I have a...

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    I've been thinking about Crypto Currency lately, and I have a theory for why the Bitcoin price has "dropped" dramatically. Because Brisbane Airport has officially implemented cryptocurrency as a payment method, and I've forgotten another high tourist destination that has also implemented payment by crypto. Bitcoin raised to 20k$US early this year, and with the hype of bitcoin there was a mass proliferation of different cryptos available. I've held a similar opinion as yours, in regards to the value of crpyto, and that the 20$k per coin of Bitcoin was blown up purely by speculation and every joe purchasing coins via extreme methods like selling a house or getting a mortgage, or as they say, dipping both feet into the water, big mistake! But with the proliferation of currencies, I'm thinking a lot of the bitcoin value has dispersed into these other coins. Bitcoin has been stablising on 6k per coin for a while. I dont see it increasing, but i guess time will tell whether it will drop further in value. People are trying to get rich of other coins, hoping the value will raise exponentially. This is my reasoning for backing FGF, because being a coin distributor, I think I'm on the safe side of not being exposed to the risks of the current crypto bubble, unless more retailers accept payment through crypto, I dont see the value. But I can also benefit from the expectation that the AcuToken will be worth a dollar some time, hopefully, soon.
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