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If you want to know why the price wont budge with these positive...

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    If you want to know why the price wont budge with these positive announcements you just need to look at their most recent financial statement. They reported a 50 mil loss accumulated to date, which is what is holding the price down. I mean isnt it investing 101 to look at a company's financial records when doing due diligence? However, their more recent investments seem to be covering the accumulated loss with swift strides, which is why the price isnt going any down either. Also, if you looked at the charts, you'll see that FGF has raised from .009 cents to .015 cents and stablising. So in theory, there has already been a revaluation of the stock, now we're seeing if the value will go further up with the increasing value of the AcuToken, which has doubled in value over two weeks, which means FGF's revenue will be doubling. I believe at 5cents a piece for AcuToken, FGF can receive revenue of 100 mil$ which covers all its loss and profits a 50mil$ piece. Correct me if I'm wrong, but FGF also has a company share in the original company and is receiving revenue from that company, independent of their sales of the AcuToken.

    Like I think youre right to be asking these questions, but you could have found the answers to these questions yourself, and very quickly through some research, instead of asking on the forum and appearing to be down ramping, and losing credibility for your future posts.
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