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Interesting there are still those that support this management...

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    Interesting there are still those that support this management or is it a case of more wanting to believe.
    Also interesting that some seem to believe that nothing out of the ordinary is happening behind the scenes even though the company has failed to update the market whilst in a lengthy trading halt.......... certainly would indicate the company is trying to organise something before updating the markets.
    Unfortunately the company has already been adamant in their denial over health and safety issues at the mine so they will be doing their very best not to end up with egg on their face over those statements.
    It is only logical that the insurance companies and any prospective financier get to see the reports into Ryans death.....which will no doubt offer up a lot more detail than the company wants SHers to know.
    Be interesting to see if the company puts a money figure on the remedial work that has been required after Ryans death......surely SHers deserve the right to know............mind you it would very easy to smudge those figures.
    I am fairly confident the company will want those reports to stay as confidential as possible to save face.
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