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Hi Prosperman,It is so refreshing to see indications you may be...

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    Hi Prosperman,

    It is so refreshing to see indications you may be looking to depart from just copyy and pasting your same nosubstance/low content posts over and over again, and rather looking to find facts in matters and put a bit of thought into a post, well done! As such, I think it is worth commending you on this, and even considered giving you a "great analysis" like@archer, until I evaluated some of your alleged facts.

    I don't consider myself literally or figuratively a "rose-colored glasses" kind of person, and have supported calls for management accountability where required which demonstrates this, but I also believe in giving credit where credit is due, so try bringing a balanced view. So FWIW it's worth, I have had a look at what you have stated as facts, and in the spirit of one of @SatinTape's (who like you also seems to be taking a change in tack) altruistic posts recently for the benefit of any newbies around would like to ensure the record is set straight:

    • "was stated knee deep in concrete from memory 2016, construction following" - to provide the full context of this for the newbies, Ashley Moore did state in March 2016 "So in 12 month’s time, I’d like to see us knee-deep in concrete and steel, setting up the plant in India." Key emphasis on the fact that AM did say he would like this. Promises were never made, and it would not be uncommon for high-level management of any company to have visionary views about activities in their company that are not entirely in their control. It is also not uncommon in many major projects that hopes for something to happen in a year can then see numerous changes over that year that make such hopes impossible. Unfortunately at best, the delays relating to ECT's India story not being actualized have been at best due to what is only something they could have influence in, and not entirely control. At the end of the day, his hopes were not met, I am sure he has gotten over it and to be blunt as a hammer maybe you need to as well.
    • Then the meeting where the main sponsor never turn up, and they where never informed(fact)." The main sponsor was not able to attend the meeting, however ECT never being informed is not a fact. The "cold hard facts" are: ECT was informed, and in addition to this, this is how the market was notified. The meeting took place, the sponsor was not there, following the meeting NMDC informed ECT of this and ECT informed the market on 19/11/18 via ASX announcement. Your alleged "fact" is actually entirely false.
    • "Its easy to say its deteriorate--yet no-one can disprove the facts.": I don't know what your first sentence means, but I take it as an example of a wider issue with your posts as a whole - they actually cannot be taken as facts because people cannot understand half the points you are trying to make... what does "it's easy to say "deterioate" mean? I'll agree with you that people cannot disprove facts... by very definition facts are true. Caveat to this is that they actually need to be actual facts first. The short of this is: you saying something a fact, does not make it so, therefore your facts can be disproven.
    • "Treat them with respect and dignity--unfortunately only 1 way." Can you substantiate where our partners have disrespected us please? This is my opinion only but I have been through a number of business negotiations in my career and unfortunately I haven't always gotten what I want in them, nor in the timeframe that I want it in... never in these times did I take it as disrespectful from my negotiating partners just because the situation was that there were delay. I am only making assumptions that you are associating delays with disrespect as I cannot find anything else in your past posts but if you make a comment like others have that our partners don't respect us, back it up. I will point out the hypocrisy of posters who feign such disgust with the disrespect ECT partners apparently demonstrate, when the very posters themselves cannot even show common decency in public decency

    I would like to explore the following further, as I must have missed something:
    • "now short on subscription(fact)--now extended(fact)." where was it announced we were short on subscription? Direct quote from relevant announcement would be much appreciated, I like cold hard facts as opposed to emotional rants

    Hope your pursuit for cold hard facts remains, and certainly hope if this stock does become more serious one I dare say the behaviors we have seen in the past might be less tolerated by the powers that be.

    I have purposefully made this a nice long post knowing trolls will be less likely to read it.
    I remain,
    a cautious (non-rose-colored glasses) shareholder
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