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A very positive acquisition for EQN and hopefully a winner in...

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    A very positive acquisition for EQN and hopefully a winner in the near future , as its a very large prospective REE land holding next door to the rich Rare Earth Rich deposit of Gina Rheinhardt backed , Brazilian Rare Earths (BRE) which already has drilled and come up with 530 Mt at 1,5113ppm of RRE and a lot more to explore .

    So EQN should do well just with the "Nearology" being next door to BRE as all eyes will be on BRE imminent listing on Dec 21st 2023 . Shareholders of EQN will have to wait into late Q1/ Q2 2024 fi they want to see the real fireworks once EQN gets drilling approval from mining friendly Bahia region authorities and gets some initial drilling done .

    This land holding is even bigger than BRE and its been put together by the same team from VMM , with which had a massive 1000% increase in 2023 and recently due to its freakish mega REE drill results next to MEI in Brazil .

    So Agha Perez , the new darling of the rare earth explorers on the ASX is the VMM chairman, and he is also the director of EQN , who probably helped acquire this prime REE land with the new CEO Komur in hope of repeating another VMM success story . These guys are not stupid and know the Brazilian REE plays very well. If you look at VMM's acquisition next to Meteoric (MEI) a few months ago and the huge pay off that was for VMM skyrocketing from .20c and touching $2.46 recently , you would think the same successful formula is at play here with EQN being next door to BRE.

    Lets hope that the future drill results are positive like BRE, as this could become a prime takeover target for Gina Rheinhardt and BRE, similar to her Pilbara WA Lithium acquisitions plays as she seeks to consolidate and dominate the supply of Lithium and maybe now Rare Earths globally with her first big entry into REE with her 20% stake of BRE .

    EQN is next door and it's larger in area than BRE's holding and Gina's has penchant for acquiring iron ore and lithium prospects in WA to globally dominate mineral supplies. Good luck to all long term holders as EQN has been asleep for a long time and will hopefully awaken with a roar .
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