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I have outlined this numerous times before.I am interested in...

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    I have outlined this numerous times before.

    I am interested in the ‘netflix of gaming’ or AAA game streaming.

    However I haven’t bought in yet as I cannot see how it e will be profitable given the little information they have mentioned about it. This is because of the continuous tech spend required to keep the platform updated to produce the latest games at the highest settings which gets rather expensive.

    They also haven’t discussed how licencing will be however I think I worked it out of having the user buy the game before they can stream it similar to Google Stadia which even they are having issue from user uptake as users don’t trust google to buy their game and if they stop their subscription then they cannot play their games any longer - which is different from steam/nvidia where you could still play the game locally without a subscription.

    This is what I’m interested in the html5 game venture I cannot see a large market for personally considering people can play the games for free and are not the most engaging games. You can say they are targeted at kids but to join the platform there is a warning you must be over 18 years old, so I cannot see many 18+ year old wanting to play these games as when I was that age I personally wouldn’t play them over games like diablo2, Warcraft 3, counter strike etc.
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