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Wizard You have posted 10 times on 6/7 and 9 times on 7/7 you...

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    You have posted 10 times on 6/7 and 9 times on 7/7 you have been working very hard to take SPT down. Hotcopper should limit how many times a person can post a day. Gees you are desparate.

    You rubbish Spt but i have compared both SPT and APT model. I found both models very similar except a few positives in SPT compared to APT. SPT DO NOT need to fund the purchases, they will if merchants want up front payments for a commision that i hope will be higher than bank interest which is very low now and this may be why they want only 1% and APT wants 4-5%.

    Second no need to apply for credit.

    Thirdly its already global.
    Fourthly no interest for the user.

    Yes SPT need to prove itself worthy for your considerations. I know many stocks are worst than SPT . In my opinion SPT may earn less than APT but SPT need less capital and less debt to service the purchases. On the WHOLE SPT is a much better model for Shareholders. APT ‘s debt may become very unattractive to fundies in the long run and when they exit APT will be down to $2 way below your buy in at $6.

    Please go back to APT now that you have done enough of warning us. Thank you very much. We may lose everything but i think you should give this a chance. Go to APT and spend time loving it there. Hope APT makes you filthy rich so you can live in Barbados or Timbuktu. But if you have 1000 APT it wont happen. SPT WILL IF YOU get in now.

    You hang around here because you want ‘fun’ on us. You hang around because the sp fell from nearly $2. You have no interest for other holders you just what to fun here as APT is too boring for you.

    This thread full of your posts. You say same sh*** over and over rubbishing SPT . Enough is enough. Sick of you. I m putting you on ignore. Goodbye bad smell.
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