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Sholtz and Snookered, good information back and forth on...

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    Sholtz and Snookered, good information back and forth on this.  
    To complement Sholtz's information, I find the reference to Guidance Note 14 of the ASX Listing Rulings useful:

    Section 7 of the above referenced doc is particularly useful.

    Relevant to the current discussion, I see possibilities to include:
    • ECT could have indicated through to MAO in the MAP process that they considered the forthcoming announcement was price sensitive, and ASX judged it to be
    • ECT could have indicated they considered the announcement non-price sensitive, and ASX disagreed and changed this guidance

    I do not know how much ASX takes credence to guidance by any company in their processes to evaluate announcement market sensitivity (perhas it depends on past accuracy by each individual company) and how often they would change from the guidance provided by them, but at the end of the day all the process drives is how the ASX treats the announcement release to the market... in ambiguous cases I would prefer ASX takes the "better safe than sorry" approach and deem something market sensitive, as this triggers the allowance of time for the market to digest the announcement prior to trading.

    Learned a bit through this discussion and these little snippets are why I enjoy HC, and Sholtz appreciate your clarification to allow those (like myself) who don't know much about the process to learn more...thank you.
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