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We're in agreement again, partly. Piecemeal or peace meal (not...

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    We're in agreement again, partly. Piecemeal or peace meal (not my forte) announcements certainly aren't marketing, and I didn't see anyone say ASX announcements are marketing. I wouldn't discount that a well worded announcement can't be used as some form of marketing though. They are relatively inexpensive to get out there.
    When I see comments like "“Now that JOGMEC and Japanese corporations have met us and understand what our company can offer, we’ll be developing these relationships with a number of these Japanese companies to further discuss opportunities for our technologies" I certainly see this as an indication the company is looking to market themselves, however maybe not in the traditional sense of the word for the close-minded types out there.

    Maybe time is coming for round 2 of "how shareholders can add value"... jumped the gun last time but certainly eager to see signs of the company ready to get the word out.
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