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I remember someone recently posting:"The punters of clearly...

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    I remember someone recently posting:
    "The punters of clearly stated they'd rather spend money on engineering works rather than marketing."

    ECT continues to update the market, despite being in suspension. They are also attending events that they are being invited to, and continuing to get additional exposure at international events.

    I seriously get confused by your conflicting/contradictory posts, particularly as of late. Marketing is good, but they shouldn't be getting exposure out there... they should be doing things, but any time they do anything it is not good enough, or not what others would do as a director etc. There is a new series coming out called Catch-22, I think you should watch it... the book is brilliant... the rough concept is that no matter what you do, you're stuffed... something you would be familiar with.

    Good on ECT for updating shareholders even while on suspension. May not be what the market wants to hear as the top priority, but people have been asking what ECT employees have been doing all this time... this fills some of the gaps.

    Look forward to more updates.

    and nothing personal ST, I just thought that since you are going back and liking some of my original posts on HC over the weekend, that we are starting to develop a rapport (never mind that we are both STs )

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