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Ann: Dubbo Zirconia Project - Progress in the approvals process, page-2

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    Reading through the fact sheet (close to the bottom here: )
    Air Quality
    The modelling in the assessment indicates compliance with relevant air quality and radiation exposure criteria at surrounding residential receivers. However the Commission found that the modelling will need to be updated to ensure all emission sources are accounted for, as there have been some changes to the design since the initial assessment was completed.
    Comment: No problem
    Water impacts
    The Commission further recommends that additional conditions be imposed to ensure that water supply constraints do not compromise the environmental performance of the project.
    Comment: No problem, given that our flowsheet has been continually improved towards more water savings

    The Commission recommends that the water management plan for the site be required to demonstrate that the design has sufficient capacity to contain the combined catchment runoff (from the Liquid, Solid and Run of Mine Storage areas), while continuing to handle the liquid waste stream.
    Comment: No idea whether this could be a problem; but management said they don't see any big problems, so ...

    While the containment cells are proposed to be double lined, capped and include monitoring equipment; the financial and legal mechanisms for monitoring and maintaining this infrastructure in the long term need to be developed prior to the determination of the application.
    Comment: No problem

    The Commission notes that the transport impacts of Option C are acceptable subject to recommended conditions. However the Commission supports Option A as the preferred option as it would significantly reduce the number of truck movements to and from the site and improve safety of transportation of dangerous goods. As consideration of this option should not delay mine construction the Commission recommends that a feasibility study of Option A be undertaken within 3 years of commencement of operations on site.
    Comment: Perfect solution ...

    In terms of the final landform, the Commission considers that leaving the final void as proposed is acceptable in this case given the cost of backfilling and disturbance of material for backfilling, the low potential for agricultural productivity and the substantial value of the mineral resource below the pit.
    Comment:  YESSSSSS !!! So we will be able to seamlessly move on after 20 years (even though we will have to file a new application, of course, which will especially have to deal with ground water management since we will then near the ground water table ...

    Other issues
    Other issues considered in detail in the Commission’s report include impacts on Taronga Western Plains Zoo, the pink-tailed worm lizard and Fossil Hill, hazards and risk (including radiation) and loss of agricultural land for biodiversity offsets. A recommendation has been made that the proponent be required to provide additional information which addresses options to relocate the proposed terraced tailing dam to ensure it does not impact on the fossil site. Recommendations have also been made to reduce the potential hazards and risks from the project.
    Comment: Ok.

    In summary the Commission is satisfied that the project is approvable subject to further detail on a number of matters and stringent environmental requirements. The Commission recognises that the project is unique in nature and accordingly some flexibility should be allowed to enable further design development prior to final approval and commencement of operations on site. The Commission also recognises the significant economic benefits of the project for both the state of NSW and the region. It considered that the proposal is unlikely to result in significant environmental impacts and that on balance the benefits of the project outweigh its impacts.​
    Comment: Yay!

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