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Yes i agree it does make your head spin, with all the old proven...

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    Yes i agree it does make your head spin, with all the old proven applications already established. Which by themselves create a very healthy steady growth rate for years to come. Add to that all the new and exciting applications and new discoveries that are just around the corner and you can't help but feel there is going to be quite a lot of amazing left field type announcements to come sooner than we may think.

    Its been a strange kind of week for me so many things flashing through my mind, like Access to Camel Lake for instance , you can just feel JMs excitement at this amazing clay just shovel deep below the surfa
    ce, and he's talked about it being the Holy Grail of halloysite. Then this announcement of New drilling at Mount Hope where he said the Kaolin clay is the purest he's ever sen in over 30 years of involvement in the industry.
    I supose we could say this is the Holy Grail of Kaolin, that's pretty awesome really.

    If I'm honest i was starting to feel a little bit uneasy with our high market cap, but for some reason lots of pennies have been dropping in my mind this week, and then i wake up this morning and read disclosure's post about the Penny Black postage stamp, yes could be a bit of fun, but quite deliberate fun i think. My feelings have now turned to our SP being undervalued not overvalued. This amazing story is still in its infancy it's actually only just beginning. I would like to say more but I will leave it there for now, save it for another day. All the best everyone we are in good hands, we are part of an amazing story.
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