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Responses in bold.Respect your opinions But:Your 1st question...

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    Responses in bold.

    Respect your opinions

    But:Your 1st question appears to me you have not follow up MLS Graphite properly.Do you know what MLS Lac Rainy Graphite Project looking and aiming for ?Please DYOR.

    Graphite for batteries. Has been said many times in these threads about how close Lac Rainy is to potential battery plants. That has literally been the appeal of Lac Rainy from what I have read on Hotcopper. Unless the graphite is jumbo flake which may then entertain different markets and be a different story.

    Of course we are still waiting for the last hole result and maiden JORC resource. Do you know why the past's top stocks : AVZ - AUZ - VCR at their lowest?Please DYOR.

    AVZ - Congo + Lithium struggling.
    AUZ - 1billion dollar capex
    VCR (assuming you mean VRC) - High opex costs compared to peers, high capex for location in Africa. Graphite prices struggling.

    I don't see why a JORC resource would do anything to the share price. Everyone has seen the drill results. They know its a big resource. The market responded by saying "so what?"

    I think what you have tried to do here is link compare MLS with AVZ, VRC, and AUZ due to sovereign risk. But the AUZ resource is in Australia so I don't know exactly what you were going for with this comment.

    Do you know what different between MLS situations and SYR ,VCR and WKT situations ?Please DYOR.

    Yes, MLS isn't in Africa, less sovereign risk. The market knows this already. This is public and obvious information. Yet the market doesn't value MLS higher due to less sovereign risk and clearly from drill results a big resource. Supports what I said about graphite supply being abundant and graphite prices currently very low.

    Do you know that China can play games in Africa, Mozambique , Congo.... But cannot play same games in America , Australia , Canada ?Please DYOR.

    Battery grade graphite operates in a global market, of which the Chinese will hold a LARGE CHUNK of that market and will continue to dominate. Here is a quick link for you. There is currently an abundance of graphite and thus prices are low.
    (Please don't respond by saying you don't like the source of that link, you can literally google it and get many many results saying the same thing).
    "In the 6 months to June 2019, China imported 105kt(1) of graphite, of which 75% was from Syrah" Syrah has had to massively cut down production.

    Answer those Why so you might see the differences.I sold my SYR , AVZ , AUZ last year with profits .SYR hit lowest on 10th this month, at 0.415I'm still watching those but don't touch yet , might use my strategy for quick profits only.Yes, MLS got the bad name not in last 3 years but last 30 years.But,again, the past is the past nothing to do with MLS now in right direction, right time + right Projects.

    So past management performance isn't indicative of future management performance? I will never comment on MLS management because I don't feel like I know enough, all I will say is read the HotCopper forum which I'm sure you do everyday and you will see what the investors really think. IMO past performance and sentiment towards management DOES impact the future.

    We are excited waiting for next steps please don't spread the negative in here.

    I am not here to downramp, I am here to speak what is in my view the reality (obviously we disagree on this). What good is it me "downramping" here. The price is literally 0.3c and was 0.2c for many many months.

    No one knows the future .Would you kindly look at MLS in 1 year time to revalue your today's post like what MLS is doing now :Review and evaluate the potential Gold-Nickle on the 30 years Manindi Project.I'm MLS long term holder.Thanks.

    Yes I will as I always review my decisions, and if MLS does well I will be happy for holders.

    The most obvious response I am expecting is "well graphite prices are currently low but expected to rise in the future". IMO, there are plenty of graphite mines ahead of MLS in the future if graphite prices do indeed increase again. MLS IMO has no place in this current or future market.
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