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Ann: DIVIDEND: NPX: Appendix 7

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    12/09/2014 12:58
    REL: 1258 HRS Nuplex Industries Limited
    DIVIDEND: NPX: Appendix 7
    APPENDIX 7 - NZSX Listing Rules
    EMAIL: [email protected]
    Notice of event affecting securities
       Number of pages including this one
              (Please provide any other
    NZSX Listing Rule 7.12.2. For rights, NZSX Listing Rules 7.10.9 and 7.10.10.
             details on additional pages)
    For change to allotment, NZSX Listing Rule 7.12.1, a separate advice is
    of Issuer
    Name of officer authorised to    E James Williams
      Authority for event,   Directors' Resolution
    make this notice       e.g. Directors' resolution
    Contact phone     61 2 8036 0907   Contact fax   61 2 8036
    0914         14     08     2014
    number       number   Date
    Nature of event        Bonus    If ticked,
          Rights Issue
    Tick as appropriate    Issue       state whether:     Taxable   /
    Non Taxable     Conversion        Interest       Renouncable
     Rights Issue   Capital     Call    Dividend    If ticked, state
     non-renouncable      change        ?  whether:     Interim
    Year   ?   Special  DRP Applies
    EXISTING securities affected by this     If more than one
    security is affected by the event, use a separate form.
    Description of the   Ordinary Shares
    class of securities
           If unknown, contact NZX
    Details of securities issued pursuant to this event
    If more than one class of security is to be issued, use a separate form for
    each class.
    Description of the           ISIN
    class of securities
           If unknown, contact NZX
    Number of Securities to      Minimum
     Ratio, e.g
    be issued following event       Entitlement
      1   for    2   for
    Conversion, Maturity, Call        Treatment of
    Payable or Exercise Date
          Enter N/A if not applicable
           Tick if       provide an
           pari passu       OR   explanation
    Strike price per security for any issue in lieu or date
      of the
    Strike Price available.           ranking
    Monies Associated with Event       Dividend payable, Call payable,
    Exercise price, Conversion price, Redemption price, Application money.
     In dollars and cents          Retained Earnings
            Source of
      Amount per security       $0.11       Payment
      (does not include any excluded income)
      Excluded income per security
      (only applicable to listed PIEs)
        New Zealand Dollar    Supplementary
    Amount per security
      Currency     dividend  in dollars and cents
         details -
        $21,793,840.97       NZSX Listing Rule 7.12.7
     Date Payable
      Total monies
    Taxation    Amount per Security in Dollars and
    cents to six decimal places
    In the case of a taxable bonus     $      Resident
    $0.036300        Imputation Credits      $0.000000
    issue state strike price        Withholding Tax
         (Give details)
            Foreign         --------       Aust
    Franking      $0.000000
            Withholding Tax      Credits
             (Give details)
             (FWP Credits - Not Applicable)
    Timing      (Refer Appendix 8 in the NZSX Listing Rules)
    Record Date 5pm           Application Date
    For calculation of entitlements -     Also, Call
    Payable, Dividend /
          29/09/2014     Interest Payable, Exercise Date,
        Conversion Date. In the case
        of applications this must be the
        last business day of the week.
    Notice Date       Allotment Date
    Entitlement letters, call notices,      For the
    issue of new securities.
    conversion notices mailed     Must be within 5
    business days
        of application closing date.
     Ex Date:
     Commence Quoting Rights:          Security Code:
     Cease Quoting Rights 5pm:
     Commence Quoting New Securities:          Security Code:
     Cease Quoting Old Security 5pm:
    End CA:00255177 For:NPX    Type:DIVIDEND   Time:2014-09-12 12:58:12
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