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Ann: DIRECTOR: VML: Appointment of Tim Cook to the VMob Board

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    • Release Date: 11/02/15 16:54
    • Summary: DIRECTOR: VML: Appointment of Tim Cook to the VMob Board
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    11/02/2015 16:54
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    DIRECTOR: VML: Appointment of Tim Cook to the VMob Board
    Market Announcement
    11th February 2015
    VMob Group Limited (VMob) is pleased to announce that, at VMob's Board
    meeting earlier today, Tim Cook was appointed by the Board as a director of
    VMob.  Tim is personally a shareholder in VMob and he also represents the
    interests of Collins Asset Management with respect to its shareholding in
    VMob.  Both Tim and Collins Asset Management increased their respective
    shareholdings in VMob under the recently completed private placement (as
    previously announced), with Tim and Collins Asset Management now being
    substantial security holders of VMob.
    A brief biography of Tim is set out below.  The current directors welcome him
    to the Board and the significant expertise and experience he brings.
    Tim Cook is Managing Director of Collins Asset Management Limited; an
    Auckland based private equity and investment company.  Collins Asset
    Management Limited has a number of investments in medical, technology,
    property, executive recruitment and the motor industry.
    Tim has been with Collins Asset Management Limited since 2003, when he was
    initially a business advisor to the Chairman, and subsequently became a
    Director and CEO of Primecare Retirement Villages.  He then oversaw the sale
    of that business in 2005, following which the Collins Group became a private
    equity organisation.
    Tim is a Director of a number of companies within and outside of Collins.  He
    is Chairman of Team McMillan BMW Limited, Team MINI Limited and Rolls Royce
    Motor Cars Auckland.  He is also Chairman of SaferSleep NZ Limited and
    SaferSleep USA and The Auckland Heart Group, NZ's, largest private cardiology
    practice.  He is a Director of MyWave Limited and MyWave Holdings Limited and
    a Director of NZX listed Vertias Investments Limited and its subsidiaries Mad
    Butcher Limited, Nosh Group Limited and The Better Bar Company Limited.   He
    chairs the Remuneration Committee for Veritas and is a member of the Finance
    and Audit Committee.
    His earlier management career includes senior retail and operational
    management roles in the supermarket, retail, franchising, food and fashion
    industry sectors.
    From 2006 to 2011 he was a Director of NZX listed Charlie's Group Limited,
    representing Collins Asset Management who was the cornerstone shareholder at
    19.69%.  He was a member of the Finance and Audit Committee and Chairman of
    the Remuneration Committee.  He was heavily involved in its sale to Asahi
    Group for $129 million in 2011.
    For more information please contact:
    Steve Allan
    Chief Financial Officer
    Mobile: +64 27 480 9991
    Email: [email protected]
    About VMob
    The VMob mobile marketing platform, built specifically for retailers, uses
    in-store beacon functionality, mobile vouchers and mobile loyalty to increase
    store traffic, improve in-store experience and build loyalty. All app content
    is tailored specifically to each shopper by our big data platform, running on
    the Microsoft Azure network, using a combination of historic information and
    live data points such as location, weather and nearby events. VMob is based
    in Auckland, New Zealand and is listed on the NZX Alternative Market (NZAX:
    The Company has already achieved success in worldwide markets with strong
    partnerships and clients including McDonald's USA, Netherlands, Sweden and
    Japan, Exxon, DDB, Telkom Indonesia, Telecom New Zealand, Vodafone, Yellow
    Pages, Heart of the City and Loyalty New Zealand.
    Visit www.vmob.co for further information
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