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Greetings to you @coto,It is nice to detect enthusiasm in your...

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    Greetings to you @coto,

    It is nice to detect enthusiasm in your inaugural postings on the SGQ strings, I also presume you are well versed with SGQ’s history, from the last nine years of exploration details and the results of the follow up on the so-called compelling targets.

    To date the follow up drilling in several drilling campaigns to test some of these targets, have identified numerous small pods of shallow sulphide mineralisation; in what is interpreted to be accumulations of mineralisation from an intrusive phase of ultramafic rocks within a structural setting. Being pods, of course, they are isolated in space and without continuity within the enclosing structure. The massive sulphide component of the mineralisation whilst high in grade its thickness varies but with the exception of two or three intercepts, very rarely exceed two to three metres in thickness.

    This form of sulphide mineralisation sometimes displays a vein component of mineralisation depending on the presence of fractures during the sulphide deposition stage, together with a disseminated mineralisation phase which deposits as a halo around the massive and vein mineralisation. Such a distribution setting in small pods tends to lower the overall grade, rendering the pods uneconomic to mine unless they are of moderate size, relatively close to the surface and economically proximal to each other which can be exploited by open-cut and waste dilution is manageable.

    So far, as I understand, it appears drilling between and within pods has been wide-spaced and whilst investors were assured that a scoping study following the identification of a resource would be delivered some twelve months ago, that hasn’t happened to date. That @coto is the primary reason why those that you refer to as whingers, are becoming very frustrated with SGQ. These feelings of disappointment in SGQ were not the norm two years ago. There are also many other reasons why this is the tone on the SGQ story which I will not entertain here. I suggest however if you have not done so, to go back and read the history of posts through the years and pay attention to many of the posters who have contributed brilliantly over time, including people like @mulac, @sandy, @Heave Ho, @Trapper, @Interested onlooker, @tradealot @Kipper @ozblue and a multitude of others. It would take an A4 page to fill in their addresses.

    By the way, the same will apply to the deep drilling that is scheduled in this current drilling. The hope and a prayer would be at these proposed depths, to discover much thicker continuous components of the massive sulphides in the structures they are drilling and some decent sulphide intersections in these compelling peripheral targets. And if found in these 4 holes, SGQ will really have to get serious about its drilling approach. There has been much written about this subject as well.

    Cheers coto, and I wish you well with your investment in SGQ.


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