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Gold on a tear with none to be had hehe Go Gold - we're with ya...

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    Gold on a tear with none to be had hehe
    Go Gold - we're with ya all the way! (not)
    If only we had some gold...

    Where the f**ks Troy & the boys when ya need em anyway, anyone seen em?
    No where to be seen... Asleep on the chitta,
    Rakin in the dosh - I once heard a wise man chunder.

    They'z out Bangin round in the backyard
    - "would be nice to Produce & preferably Sell some Gold at some stage for a Profit in the next Couple of Quarters"!
    - "next Couple of FY's if that's at all Possible"!?
    - "On A Tear if no ones Noticed!?

    Historical etchings of 7 baggers/straight losses  just 10 days away...
    Will they make 8 hard to say?

    Give us a break...2020

    May the almighty have mercy on their our GOLD weathered souls

    Go Troy Boyz

    Go Gold
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