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It is not only the decreasing AISC benchmark which is lurking...

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    It is not only the decreasing AISC benchmark which is lurking for MOY. What do you think of the increase in POG in AU$. Sometimes the improvement is just falling out of the sky and you do not have to do "difficult" things to get your P&L a boost. They will probably produce some 100.000 OZ this year. Well your turnover will increase by  100.000 x AU$ 100,- ( the increase in the last months) = AU$ 10 mln. extra turnover. Also the gross profit will increase by this amount. With 795 mln.shares outstanding this means an extra FCF per share of 10/795 = 0,0125 AU$ cents. Assuming the POG will stay at this level (which will ofcourse not be the case I know, but just for a mindset) and with puting an FCF P/E of 7 on MOY this means that the valuation of MOY has increased by 7 x 0,0125 = AU$ 0,0875 (8,75 cents). This makes the MOY story even more interesting.
    Am I thinking too simple or are other forces at work here who would like to see the valuation of MOY just as low as it is right now?
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