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Hi Kenjikool,It certainly would seem that they haven't...

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    Hi Kenjikool,
    It certainly would seem that they haven't satisfied the DEM yet, however there are things that aren't adding up for me and I am not sure which is the right thing to do. Firstly, if flow rates were a problem then surely LCK would not indicate that they have reached commercial capability. Secondly, this was not identified as a risk in the independent research report released by Australian Research Independant. Thirdly, they would not have any capacity to be in negations and secure JV funding nor take any offtake agreements. These companies will not take these risks particularly with JV. Fourthly, if this was a significant risk we would already see some of the top 20 falling off the tree (so too speak). 5: LCK have been spruking to the whole mining and oil community that they are the largest uncontracted reserve across Eastern Australia ready to gear up and break into the market. If this is not true, then management certainly won't have any future in this industry as egg would be on there face and their integrity lost. Lastly, they have continued to advocate that despite the obstacles they have beaten everyone's expectations and that they are confident in there way forward. I believe them. Now... if all the above is BS and it
    comes down to... it was a flop according to DEM...then your right... I'm out to....however, I feel there is more to this story then what we have before us. Hence , I am still maintaining a buy as I feel that IF they get a JV or Offtake Agreeement... it doesn't matter in the short term what DEM thinks. This is going to skyrocket. on the other hand, if they haven't got commercial viability and it's all a flop then people will be mopping up a SP with little value. I am an optimist and believe in the company and management so I will go with the latter.However, it really does raise some questions and makes me reflect on my position significantly. Good luck all.
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