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“One does not hold back on disclosure to avoid a crash, one does...

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    “One does not hold back on disclosure to avoid a crash, one does it to cause one”

    So, how does the above comment have bearing in context of the recent announcement? Are you thinking that reverse psychology is at play here because of the repetitive disclosure on the exploration campaign (either side of the Convertible Notes issue reports)? You see a strategic ploy to try to keep the SP from crashing? If that is the case, we are on the same wavelength as we have been in the past on the odd occasion. I see our BOD as being very transparent (pardon the pun) with their strategic disclosure antics. Can’t blame them for trying, though.

    “Overall, a good announcement, albeit, the flake in-situ has little to do with the flake size recovered from the plant.”

    Being true yet false, that statement is a contradiction in terms Making that comment merely opens your comments up to interpretation. Being such a moot point, why even state it, BF?

    “Plus, it’s hardly going to save BSM from having to fund itself another 12 months.”

    Again, telling us nothing new. All junior mining companies need to fund themselves somehow. How do you profess that Bass do it? Take on the ball and chain of borrowed money? The company would probably be non-existent now if it weren’t for our debt-free position. Just look at all the hopeful “wannabe” graphite producers clambering to get finance. Some of them have been at it for years and still talking up their ambitious plans... yet lil old Bass is already producing!. If and when they do get funding, they are going to need to hope for no delays or technical issues which we know comes with the territory.

    Excuse Bass for adopting the less than conventional approach of not establishing a sparkling new, highly CAPEX-ed development where revenue is stripped by debt repayments for years and years. No, it’s fine by me that Bass has chosen this particular path. Whilst we will be rolling our eyeballs every time there is a cap raise that will benefit the big boys, it is still the better ploy for a small startup company and its shareholders in this field.

    BTW, the upcoming drill campaign results will save BSM from having to grovel for new customers.

    “What’s their plan – assay in-house then send samples to an outside laboratory….”

    Guess so, given that is what is in the JORC Code Commentary (enclosed in the updated doc version)… but I guess you already knew that. Point taken… and does seem like an exercise in wasted time (which is money) IF it is mandatory that they send samples elsewhere for analysis. Is it mandatory, though, that all samples need to be sent elsewhere or just a few, BF?


    Sorry for ("physically") pulling your post to pieces, but it was the simplest way to address it, BF, since your views cleverly contain and articulate hidden meaning and agenda. Fine by me... adds to the robustness of our forum.

    BTW, doesn't your first sentence fly in the face of your Post #:38949871 in which you considered such a notion as ludicrous (albeit that you totally misconstrued my point at the time)? Regardless of that fact, we welcome your knowledge and expertise as a geologist... it is noted and respected by not just myself but by those reading our board. I have come to respect that too.

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