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Posting in facts and truth renders you a downramper. Posting...

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    Posting in facts and truth renders you a downramper. Posting (spamming) made up charts with the intention to con people labels you a hero.

    Its a shame that some need to learn painful lessons by losing their capital before they wake up to the truth.

    What potential? Is this just something your gut is telling you, what market data do you have to back this up. They have been trying for a very long time to commercialise this and nothing has happened. But they haven't wasted any time paying themselves the same salaries highly successful and profitable companies are.

    Tiny overheads? LOL. They were literally trading insolvent earlier this financial year, if you cared to look over the financials. And thats without any working product. Holy cow you could not be more wrong.

    This last part is perhaps a hyperbole, and completely my opinion, but I utterly believe this is the worst place to invest your capital across the whole ASX plethora of 2000+ companies.
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