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Thanks Ben. Nice to know you have nothing better to do in your...

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    Thanks Ben. Nice to know you have nothing better to do in your evenings then to continue to embarrass yourself. I keep telling myself I'm done and no longer going to reply to your idiocy and vile toxicity but you really do keep outdoing yourself.

    It's quite apparent that you've dug yourself a hole so big here that you're left with no other option then to come out arms blazing and looking like a fool.

    I remember not too long ago in 2018 when the new MD of A2M sold $4m worth of her shares back in September. Oh the chaos it caused back then. People rattling the same nonsense you were saying here, claiming she was capitalising on the high share price. Heck, there was even a thread started for the purposes of pursuing a class action against her (perhaps you need to lift your efforts a bit). Wonder how Carla feels now knowing she could've pocked almost an extra $1m if she sold now.

    But hey, I know what you'd say. "A2M is profit making, BUB isn't'!!!". Okay (even though that's irrelevant here), how about we recall a bit further back in May of last year when the founders/directors of APT sold some stock. Nicholas and Anthony both let go of 2,500,000 shares at $6.94. Wow, the carnage that unfolded then. People were up in arms, ready to revolt. Now though, seems like the directors essentially got ripped off LOL. All in hindsight though, right?

    Directors and founders of companies are humans too. Guess what, they do what they do to make money, just like us. Unless you'd prefer to have companies founded and run by socialist idiots, your ramping efforts are innately hypocritical.
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