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Good Evening All,Sounds like most of you have had a bad day....

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    Good Evening All,

    Sounds like most of you have had a bad day. 2Mill of shares isn't much for someone that owns and gets paid what he does. several reasons, new Motorbike, Anniversary present, daughters first car, Tax, I could go on, but won't as it's being stupid. We haven't had any bad news yet, and this makes you run to the hills!!!

    I topped up last week, and if it goes down tomorrow, I will consider doing it again; like CJTJ says, I am in long term and when all the good news is released and a year of holding ticks over, I may sell to help my retirement, but why would I do it now, when all that would happen is I take a loss and pay fees doing it.

    Lastly, I will say that all this up and down of emotions is starting to make me feel angry, one minute the rocket is about to happen, the next the earth opens up and swallows us......please don't think like those trolls and pull out early, share trading should be based on fact and under your own research, would you walk into a room of COVID positives if I told you to.... Then why would you listen to an idiot that tells you to sell based on no facts.

    I'm going to sign off now until the next announcement and have a few nice Tasmanian Pinots, relaxing and thinking about retirement.
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