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The game just keeps going and going. Out of the blue we had this...

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    The game just keeps going and going. Out of the blue we had this complete shamble of a capital raising where DGR shareholders had to buy another quarter number of shares they initially held at a hugely discounted price in order to retain the same interest in DGR's value in SOLG. This then averaged all of DGR shares down to 6.7cents when before CR it was 7.5c. Our current value goes down to 5.6cents. If DGR holders didn't take up their 1 for 4 new share entitlement, their holding in SOLG went down by 20%. The $5+ million raised is mostly given to DGR failing daughter and soon to be listed companies, all of which are paying Mather hundreds of thousands for his director fees (total well over $4 million/yr) while DGR retains from memory $300,000 in it's bank account. How long will this last. Another CR will be required soon. Then just to kick us again Mather, totally out of the blue, sells another 6% of SOLG at again a hugely discounted price at 21.5pence which further dilutes DGR shareholders' interest in SOLG. And we, DGR holders, weren't even given an opportunity to buy some of these discounted shares because of time frames involved. DGR couldn't because what would they pay for them with....but I forgot that that was not Mather's intention. Another 100+ million SOLG shares with another 5 Million pounds worth probably going to an interested buyer at 21.5p,to be verified next Monday.. If those same amount of shares,around 130million, were bought on the open market SOLG and DGR share values would have increased substantially. But what did SOLG shares do.....now valued less than the 21.5p. These capital raisings have been planned for many months so it has been strategically planned. With virtually no money in the bank and nothing is being produced, what will happen should the world enter into a now expected deep recession/depression. Don't worry, Mather will be there to pick up the pieces.

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