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Ann: Chairmans Address and AGM Presentation, page-36

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    Very impressive summary, thank you!Not much I can add to that, but let me try anyway!
    1. TO or big Tony as he is know in the LTR team confirmed in a one on one that we will see the ESG announcement tomorrow!
    2. I thanked him for answering my question re negotiations with off take contacts as far as it was possible considering non disclosure restrictions. I tried to tease some more out of him with the Renault off take agreement with VUL, but at least he explained the priorities starting from OEM down. He stressed the point that T1 OEMs are doing a lot of research before committing and putting their own brand and name on the line.A solid DFS was just one step towards that, samples of product another. So we are ticking box after box as we go along. Very good outcomes are in the making, let‘s give management the time they need to do the ultimate deals. Lots to sort out.
    3. Before the meeting got started, I tanked DR personally and on behalf of SH for all he has done in building LTR and wished him well for MI6! The more emotional thank you followed during the meeting ending with a long lasting applause. I was almost ready for a standing ovation.
    4. At MI6 everything is going well. A second drill rig is expected by end of the month. In parallel they also doing ground loop measuring etc, so it is all go and DR seemed very happy with process.
    5. DR was also very happy to pass on the job to big Tony as he in his opinion was the right man to take things forward including all that financial stuff.
    6. What was obvious to me was that the whole LTR team was exited and happy to work within the team fully accepting and appreciating big Tony as their leader!
    7. Big Tony confirmed a new KV drilling campaign to extend resources, in the high grade UG area and possibly extended mine life beyond 23 years at the increased production rate.
    8. I also had a one on one chat with JM who is very excited to be able to put her experience at FMG and Sandfire to work for and with the LTR team. I guess we will have a taste of that tomorrow with the ESG announcement, which she already had input in. She mentioned very much liking the LTR plan going forward. My first impression of her was very positive and her being very competent to work with our management team - standing her man if needed. Even though only elected today she is already a fully accepted capable member of the team!
    9. I think TG is going to be correct expecting a very exiting year in the companies development, which we all can look forward too!
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