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Sorry I don't really agree. LCT provided a timeline for updates...

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    Sorry I don't really agree. LCT provided a timeline for updates on the work streams in November saying December would be the trial update. This was not an email it was a release to the market. it's now well into January and the fact that they are late has not been recognised . Just smacks to me of lack of attention to detail if they didn't have statisticians lined up. Christmas did not come early! If they can't get immediate event timing somewhat correct should we just discard all the other project timelines they issued . Were they just best guesses or was their actually some detail behind them. Yep if the results are good it will be forgotten but will we then get similar delays in May / June due to lack of attention to detail . Remembering the reason the third tranche of phase 2 is months late due to a similar delay from what also seemed to be a lack of crossing the t's. Just would like to see more evidence of the company being hungry! I do recognise it could be as a result of something out of their control eg one of the patients unable to support the re-evaluation timing but then maybe just advise their will be a delay . It sounds like this wasn't the case though if the lack of a statistician was really the issue.
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