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Maybe I'm that lone voice in the wilderness. But, in the three...

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    Maybe I'm that lone voice in the wilderness. But, in the three years and four month's I've been in/out of this stock, have had no reason to point the finger at them over their stewardship of the company. So, before all and sundry begin lobbing grenades in my direction, Let me in my defence furnish the following. Many/most seem hellbent on scapegoating the board. I, haven't seen any skullduggery or malfeasance, so, please enlighten me. Maybe I slept through said event(s). As for the lacklustre share price, that's market forces at play. No broker worth their salt would have had them on their buy list. The only happy one's, it would seem, are the smart one's who purchased at or around the 70 cent mark. The smart one's ran for the hills before it plummeted. They saw the writing on the wall. Those that bought at much higher levels and held on to their shares, are NUMNUTS. And I include myself amongst them.
    I have a thick skin. So please, go for your life. If I'm wrong in my summation, I'll profer to all of thee, a mea culpa
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