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Don't you think you're being somewhat contradictory Smoking, in...

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    Don't you think you're being somewhat contradictory Smoking, in trying to maintain the rage....

    Only positive I have read so far is at least it is at spot price and hence it has upside potential.

    Not much of a share price reaction and hence I am guessing like me, the market doesn't believe the op.cost projections.

    You discount the huge positive of the low op cost, simply bcos you choose not to believe it, and use the market as an affirmation. As if the market is always right. If you believe that, Smoking you would believe anything, if it suits you. Mind you, the market reaction wasn't too bad for the same day digestion.

    I'm over the moon with the whole suit of projections, including the IRR and payback periods, derived from those low operating costs, courtesy of that low strip ratio
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