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Ann: BUYBACK: MLN: MLN - Notice of acquisition of

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    • Release Date: 26/11/12 11:45
    • Summary: BUYBACK: MLN: MLN - Notice of acquisition of securities 23 November 2012
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    26/11/2012 09:45
    REL: 0945 HRS Marlin Global Limited
    BUYBACK: MLN: MLN - Notice of acquisition of securities 23 November 2012
    LISTING RULE 7.12.1
    1. This notice concerns those securities in Marlin Global Limited that have
    been acquired on market by Marlin Global Limited on 23 November 2012
    2. This notice has been provided by Marlin Global Limited.
    3. Details of the acquisition are as follows:
    a) Class of security: Ordinary Shares
     ISIN: NZMLNE0001S0
    b) Number of securities acquired: 7,205
    c) Average consideration per security acquired: $0.6700
    d) Payment Type: Cash payment
    e) Not applicable
    f) Percentage of the total securities acquired: 0.0068%
    g) Reason for acquisition: Part of a share buyback program
     announced on 31 October 2012
    h) Specific authority: Director Resolution
    i) Any terms of the acquisition: Not applicable
    j) Total number of securities after acquisition: 106,035,066
      (Excl. treasury stock of 247,205)
    k) Intentions for shares acquired: Hold as Treasury Stock
    l) Date of acquisition: 23 November 2012
    4. Please contact 09 484 0365 if you require further information.
    End CA:00230217 For:MLN    Type:BUYBACK    Time:2012-11-26 09:45:32
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