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of course there will be a pullback .... sooner or later there...

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    of course there will be a pullback .... sooner or later there will be a drop, only for it then to go higher, pull back a little again and then to the stratosphere and then settle around 35-40% lower and be stable until the next bit of news (all things equal with most biotech new wonders)
    .... then if there is no news for a while keep on drifting down until there is or is not.

    geez look at me I’m a genius or I follow stocks a lot .... u guess ..... slight difference with this stock regarding the first pullback ..... news is imminent on a lot of fronts, management has been Wiley like a coyote and chess pieces have been moved around for a while to get precisely where we are at.

    there will be a time to sell half my holdings 10% at a time and if u read my posts they are fairly significant. But tomorrow certainly is not the time. You sell tomorrow you may well miss the boat. Me I’ve got a small taste of meat. Still a lot more courses to come and the gravy hasnt even arrived let alone dessert.

    there are long termer here who have followed this stock for quite a while. This has legs and an A class management who have assembled a team that has the connections and the know how to get top dollar for what they have. They are not babes in the woods and will make sure those with the vision to last the distance and not run away for the quick “bag” will be rewarded with multibags.

    Personally I see this as a 10X bagger for myself ..... I’ll let the goldfish go for the flake up top on the surface ..... me I’m sitting at the back of the bus chilling for now.

    patience with this stock has always been rewarded.

    this company has company making, life saving, revolutionary IP that can corner multi billion dollar markets in Psorisis, Acne, dermatitis and oh I almost forgot Super bug destruction!

    MC 150m AUD at the moment .... do the math ..... me no way I’m daytrading this bad boy.

    Hold and you will be rewarded .... try to ride the waves and this management will leave u in the dust regretting ur lack of vision chasing minimal profit, by dropping another bombshell and taking it much higher than what u sold it for.

    DYOR then tell me I’m lying.

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