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Originally posted by LongPierJb would not have spruiked job done...

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    Yep agree 100%.

    I can’t believe even the more level headed holders are losing the plot. I guess it’s that inbuilt insecurity to err on the side of caution.

    If the deal was anything but secured JB moving on would be absolute professional suicide and his career as a director would be over. Incredible what little thought some give to think JB would appoint 2 guys to the board, both MGI our JV partner, and run for the hills? Not even the dumbest troll on here would pull such a stunt. He certainly wouldn’t be travelling back to Africa that’s for sure lol.

    Come Friday, with the newly appointed project specialised directors on board, this thing will be hitting top gear and onwards and upwards we go.

    All the JB haters and doubters will have to find a new hobby and a new stock to troll

    Can’t wait to be honest.....
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