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    Even in the absolute remote chance Guinea decide we cant develop on the buffer zones there are other options such as underground and biodiversity offset. Right now everyone is just speculating and therefore the price is reflecting this market speculation. It is important management come to a solution and inform the market asap so the speculation can stop. Then continue on with the assay result releases and ongoing drilling which will really beef up come November. The exploration is not affected one bit so as we are all waiting for an update, the drilling continues on, so we can expect a big newsflow once this is all settled.

    Also, do not forget this buffer zone is just one section of our vast tenure areas. Regional drilling to date is showing plenty of upside all around Bankan. Even in the tiny tiny chance, we cant mine one area, there will be a huge landmass we still can mine, with a high probability of high-grade gold if initial results are anything to go by. This will be over a 10mil oz deposit regardless IMO. Definitely a big overreaction the past week. However its great for those looking to top up or enter (I have a buy order in at 17.5c). These chances do not come around too often!
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