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i have always believed that sp is being capped , even more so...

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    i have always believed that sp is being capped , even more so lately . It’s as if “they “ don’t want it higher than 20-22 BUT they appear to be “content” at it being at this level and no more.

    Hmm. One thing I have noticed is that when I have topped up recently not all of the shares show in the trades . I am a bit uncertain of the mechanism here (reaching out) but is it possible for stock to be used to satisfy buys without all of it being included in the trade totals at the end of the day???? I expect not but it did make me wonder whether really tricky manipulators (for a short period of time) could disguise true volume this way ???

    I have long realised that FROM when KE issued Huayou 100m’s of shares it gave other parties the option of hand shuffling trades between accounts when they wanted blunt an upsurge only to buy back at quieter / weaker times .

    Cappers can’t sustain over time and the period diminishes with volume so that’s why I’m always a bit fixated with volume . The math tells you that as long as LONGS are accumulating , HOLDERS holding and NEW ENTRANTS buying then eventually the capper gets overwhelmed unless of course they are happy to permanently lose their holding as they critically blunt any SP rise at a key moment / phase .

    if concerted downrampers can dissuade new entrants and/or scare holders into selling then the caping regime can be played out a lot longer without losing stock at the end of the day .

    All conjecture on my part but I’m more than convinced it’s going on and I do have a lot of experience on interpreting level 2 trades (even with bespoke software ).

    if you consider that we get between 5m-10m trades a day then clearly that is not enough to pip the SP. if we start to see 20m+ daily then it’s hard to cap sustainably . This is what we should look out for - the stock needs attention from non-aus , no-hk speculation . I believe this will come shortly and NFs roadshow / publicity efforts aid this prospect enormously .

    whatever the game is ( strongly suspect an equity funding intention is being optimised ) I sure as hell pray/wish that one day these bastards and their illegal stock manipulations get theirs fingers well and truly burnt.

    my best guess is that NF is totally aware and swerveballs and operates to hurt these players from time to time . Bloody hope so anyway. Also , if he knows who it is , and I hope does I hope he pays them back at the negotiating table. The board have a lot of shares as well and this is one of the reasons I have always supported them in acquiring large holdings ... at the end of the day it benefits us more if they are fighting these tactics hard , free share handout or not !

    Just opinions , wonderings , thinking ...
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