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On point 2, why dont you ask him. There is a lot of potential to...

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    On point 2, why dont you ask him. There is a lot of potential to learn about the challenges and there maybe more than one version of understanding.

    I dont read much here anymore. its just a time thing now for me. I cant see it getting much worse either with regard to SP.
    A few points that have been possibly around for awhile and some recent.
    I belive the US sanctions on trade may well be lifted. It was said that Trump had organised for Kabila to retain his wealth in maybe Texas if he did not stand for re-election. USA has imposed sanctions on some top Congolese election, political, and judiciary officials after the election. Its quite serious and it may also freeze their assets. This may have delayed USA from any responses financially in the DRC as the DRC has been sanctioned for some years now. However I am informed that just last week there was a envoy of US people on the ground in the DRC. Are they on a wild life tour or visiting malls in the DRC?

    I am not at all a person who bows down and celebrates Chinese ownership, nor do I feel we have to let them have a bargain and I do think NF would not like that either. I dont want China to dictate to my children in the future, the one belt one road and control of significant assets through the world is not healthy. I would love to see USA show their hand and they do have the funds to achieve a move. Some say they dont have the expertise for lithium but im not convinced of that at all. We cant have all critical elements In Chinese control and given they don't have a real commercial supply of battery grade Li and many other minerals, then why should we hand it to them?

    Some raised Saudi and some laughed. Isnt there a fund manager in residence there with a Billion dollars to invest? Thats been news for awhile i thought. These funds would come through or via a USA vehicle i gather.
    Its been a bumpy ride and im under water but ive not sold a share. Hind-site is always valuable and I am really upset my dad didn't leave his crystal ball with me when he departed in recent years.

    I dont quite know what to make of the announcement, 8ball and a few seem to think they have money and others i speak to personally dont share that wisdom or belief. Maybe HY wanted to re-cement the relationship and pizza in da our boots to make us feela loved? I do think NF has some detailed thoughts and has thought well ahead and so I remain on the sideline. I thought we were not impressed with them but maybe a we have turned a corner. They cana pizza in ma boots but da not gunna sheet in ma boots or ah wilbea wely pizza wid dem!

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