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it’s WA, Gareth....also PLS got money from Chinese like...

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    it’s WA, Gareth....

    also PLS got money from Chinese like Greatwall Motors for a DFS on stage 2 where is it??

    Where’s the targeted tech grade SC Offtakes? The SP went up on baloney so many times, it’s incredible.

    What AVZ have to do is prove finance is good, that interest rates are very good, and dilution acceptable.

    Nigel talking baloney about being oversubscribed?

    Yes Market appears apprehensive as the biggest tests are emerging before commissioning; finance and w strategic partnership?, and lithium sulphate offtake.

    So perception of NPV now with finance terms looming is likely a question for projections and just the brute fact of achieving finance is psychological for the market...

    Nigel is sounding very confident in my view for some tkme
    nown and when he aint it usually shows.

    quality of Spod gets this to mine not slick Hype
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