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Ann: ASSET: VGL: Vista signs conditional agreement for US based, Ticketsoft

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    • Release Date: 11/02/15 11:45
    • Summary: ASSET: VGL: Vista signs conditional agreement for US based, Ticketsoft
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    11/02/2015 11:45
    REL: 1145 HRS Vista Group International Limited
    ASSET: VGL: Vista signs conditional agreement for US based, Ticketsoft
    Market Announcement
    11 February 2015, Vista Group International Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand
    Vista signs conditional agreement to acquire US-based, Ticketsoft.
    Vista Group International (Vista) has signed a conditional agreement to
    acquire US cinema software company Ticketsoft, including access to all
    customers, intellectual property and employees. The terms of the agreement
    are confidential. However, it is subject to commercially sensitive conditions
    that the vendor is confident it can meet.
    The planned acquisition will continue Vista's international growth agenda,
    expanding the company's client base within the North American market and
    accelerating the move to offer additional, complementary services.
    Specifically, it will enable Vista's core business, Vista Entertainment
    Solutions, to grow its US client base through the provision of a broader
    software offering to Ticketsoft customers.
    Founded in 2001 and located in Dallas, Texas, Ticketsoft software solutions
    are installed in more than 200 North American cinemas (representing more than
    2,000 cinema screens).
    Cinemas of all sizes rely on Ticketsoft's software for their point of sale
    (ticketing and concessions), self-service kiosk, internet and mobile
    ticketing, gift and customer loyalty cards, head office systems and real time
    management and analysis.
    Providing a broader portfolio of similar products, Vista is the world's
    leading supplier of software to cinema exhibitors, including more than 950
    cinemas across the USA.
    Brian Cadzow
    Director / Finance and Legal
    Vista Group International Ltd
    Contact: +64 9 984 4570
    About Vista Group International:
    Vista Group International (Vista Group) is a public company, listed on both
    the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges (NZX:VGL; ASX:VGI). Vista
    Group provides cinema management, film distribution and customer analytics
    software to companies across the global film industry. Cinema management
    software provided by Vista Entertainment Solutions is the core business of
    Group. Veezi, MACCS, Movio and Numero products leverage the success of this
    platform into other parts of the film industry; from production and
    distribution, to cinema exhibition and through to the movie-goer experience.
    It is estimated that in excess of a billion cinema tickets are processed
    every year through Vista products. Vista Group has over 250 staff across six
    offices in New Zealand (Auckland headquarters), Australia, the USA, the UK,
    the Netherlands and China.
    About Vista Entertainment Solutions (VES):
    Vista Entertainment Solutions is the world leader in cinema management
    software solutions with installations in more than 60 countries across all
    continents and an estimated 37% global market share in the large cinema
    circuit market. The Vista cinema management product line is both integrated &
    scalable, suited to cinema exhibitor's operating 20+ screens and up to 100's
    of cinemas.  Vista software comprises multiple software modules required to
    deliver optimal Box Office returns, total cinema management and both internal
    and external analysis and reporting.
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